Unique and hard to find wood in the Catskill Mountains of New York State


cherry 1

A 28 in. cherry log being sawed in to slabs.

Cherry Floor

Cherry flooring, 6-8” wide: in stock 1”,1¼”, 2” thick; 6”-20” wide and lengths vary.

Cherry 2

28 in. cherry log.

Wide Pine Floor 2

Flooring 1” thick, 16” wide and lengths vary. straight lined ripped and planed on one side.


Wide Pine Lumber Available in 12 in. to 24 in. wide

White Pine Slab

White pine slab 2” thick, approx 24” wide and 8’ plus length.

Ceder Bookmatch

Approximately 36” wide, 2” thick and 14’ plus length.

ceder book match

Cedar Book match

Butternut Bookmatch

Butternut bookmatch, 2” thick, approx. 40” wide and 8’ plus length

Butternut Book Match

Butternut Book Match, 2” thick, approx 38” wide and 8’ plus length.

Butternut Lumber

Butternut lumber available in 6 in. to 16 in. wide, 1 in. to 2 in. thick

Black Locust

Black locust, 2”thick, approx 23” wide and 8’ plus length; A second one behind could be book matched.

Honey Locust

Close up of Honey Locust

Black Locust and Honey Locust

Honey locust on right is 1 ¼” thick, approx. 22” wide and 8’ plus in length. 9 more pieces from same log available.

Honey Locust 2

Honey Locust

Spalted Hard Maple

Spalted Hard Maple 1¼“ thick, 10 and 12” wide, lengths are 8 and 10’. Straight lined ripped, planed one side.

Figured Silver Maple

Figured Silver Maple

Ambrosia Maple Book Match. 1 ½“ thick

Ambrosia Maple

Close up of Ambrosia maple book match.

ambrosia maple bookmatch 2

close-up ambrosia maple book match

Black Walnut Bookmatch

Close up of Black Walnut Book Match

Wanut Book Match

Walnut book match, Finished

Walnut Book Match 2

Close Up of Finished walnut book match

Sassafras Lumber

Sassafras Lumber, very similar to American Chestnut Lumber


Slabs air drying, Cherry, pine and Poplar

Cedar, cherry, cherry, black walnut slab

Cedar, cherry, cherry, black walnut slab

Antique Barn

Antique Barn sliding door, Others available

Antique Barn Siding

Antique barn siding, 7” width, lengths vary

Antique Barn Siding

Antique Barn Siding

Antique barn siding 2

Antique Barn siding

Antique Door 2

Ice house Antique door


Can fill large and small orders, with the ability for delivery. Slabs just picked up from mill.


Antique Beams from an 1800's barn.


White Oak slabs up to 43 in. wide


Large Inventory of dried lumber.


12 in. wide walnut lumber


Walnut crotch slab widest width 43 in.


Close-up walnut


15 foot long Cherry slabs


Splatted Silver Maple slab


Close-up of Cherry slab